Duplex Affordability

Woods View Duplexes provide an excellent alternative to home ownership, without the responsibilities of owning a home.  Through a life lease agreement, the resident is allowed to reside in their duplex unit for the rest of their life or until they choose to vacate the unit either through increased health needs where they can no longer be at home or if they voluntarily choose to leave.

Residents lease their duplex by making a lump sum payment.  A low monthly maintenance fee is then required which covers things such as utilities, trash removal, insurance, taxes, snow removal, lawn care, and exterior repairs.

When the resident vacates their unit, 80% of their original lump sum payment is returned to them upon releasing of their unit.  This guaranteed return provides peace-of-mind to the resident by providing a fixed return on their investment, eliminating the hassle of selling their home and the costs associated with selling, and allows them the freedom to use this money for further care and services in the Woods Point Community.