Skilled Nursing Care at Wood’s Crossing

Twenty-two private living quarters comprise the skilled nursing wing at Wood’s Crossing.  Each resident’s living space features cathedral ceilings, private bathrooms with shower, call light system, and complete furnishings.

Licensed by the Bureau of Quality Assurance through the Department of Health and Family Services, Wood’s Crossing Skilled Nursing Care is certified for Title XVIII (18) Medicare services.  Wood’s Crossing is certified for Medicaid services as well.

Additional provided services above and beyond what is provided in the CBRF Assisted Care wing include:

  • Dental services
  • Podiatry services
  • Physical and occupational therapies
  • Speech therapy services
  • Skilled nursing care
  • Medicare services (Title 18)
  • Short term rehab stays

The Skilled Nursing Care wing is self-contained and provides all services from a dedicated nursing station that is centrally located.  Adjacent to the nursing station is a central bath and whirlpool, medication and medical supply storage areas, and a separate dining room.  In addition,residents require all types of therapies will be treated in the therapy room.  Beautician services are available in the central core at Wood’s Crossing.